digital drawing of an anthropomorphic bunny, winking at the viewer. ze has green eyes, silvery head hair, and is covered in fur that is a mix of tan/cream and white, with a butterfly pattern on their nose! ze also has long 'lop' ears, like an english lop rabbit.

Salix Quercus

hi!! i'm salix quercus, or lixy, your friendly neighborhood gramatically anticapitalist succubun! ^w^ i use ze/hir pronouns (pronounced zee, here) and i'm a system partition of Mx. Ace Fucking Jaycee. basically, i'm like, half this operation. the demon half. i guess i won't have a lot here right away, but i'll see what i have to say!

i tend to call myself things like a garbage princexx and a glitch witch, and a plant witch. i'm responsible for portions of our music and things like the art that is the background to this page! i talk to plants and i'm the excitable one.